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The RememberStuff® Unit provides a great deal to elderly and handicapped users, to help them live independently. RememberStuff™ provides users with a Calendar to help them remember appointments and important events, a Remember section to help remember how to perform some of their favorite tasks, Messaging to loved ones (both video and email), as well as Activities like quizzes and games.

Helps Remember Appointments and Daily Tasks

RememberStuff® provides its users with a calendar to add appointments and daily tasks, but also provides them alerts to perform important tasks like taking their daily medication. Many times, medications are crucial to be followed on a schedule, and if doses are missed it can be devastating; RememberStuff® prompts these medications to be taken on schedule. The calendar provides the user with alerts to remind them of when an item is to be completed. If the alerts are not recognized, by checking that the task has been completed, it sends a message to the caregiver to let them know that there might be an issue. This calendar is managed by the caregiver of the user to ensure that all important events and daily tasks are on the users calendar.

Helps Remember Their Loves

RememberStuff® helps users remember and keep track of the things they love to do. With selections to store things like recipes and reminders this will help the user be independent and complete tasks on their own. Routines are especially important to those suffering through dementia and their independence in doing the things that they love is important to them.

Helps with social interaction

The topics to discuss section of the RememberStuff® helps the user remember what things they need to talk about with a loved one, like a doctor’s appointment or if a loved one has something they might want to discuss they can provide a reminder. Social interaction is incredibly important to people suffering from dementia, but can be challenging to both the user and the caregiver. The topics to discuss section help the user by giving them a guide to items they wish to remember to discuss with their caregiver and also a reminder as to what the caregiver will want to talk about.

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