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Bob Baird joins the Eperture Advisory Board

By epertureAdmin | July 7, 2017

Bob is the President of Inverse Square, a technology firm located in Indianapolis. Bob has been instrumental in selecting the correct hardware and platforms for the new Eperture products. His team of talented developers have worked diligently to bring the concepts of RememberStuff and DocStuff to life in the year we have been working through…

Dave Lokes joins the Eperture Advisory Board

By epertureAdmin | June 20, 2017

David is currently a VP at Foot Locker, Inc. with a focus on in-store, online, and omni-channel marketing for this retail giant’s leading divisions. David will bring marketing experience to the Eperture team. He launched his first commercial website in 1994 and has remained at the forefront of Internet marketing, specifically, consumer behavior ever since. …

Health Care And Lifesciences Conference

By epertureAdmin | April 13, 2017

Mary Ellen Mullholand presents DocStuff concept at THE GLOBAL HEALTH CARE AND LIFESCIENCES CONFERENCE in Indianapolis. The audience of Technology and Healthcare individuals was introduced to DocStuff as a device to organize accurate health data in one place and make it easily accessible to the user. They responded to the concept that personal data and…


By epertureAdmin | January 25, 2017

I am a registered nurse who after years of hospital nursing returned to school to earn my MBA in Health Care Administration. For over 45 years, I have combined the skills and experience of my clinical training with the business theories of efficiency and positive impact to create innovative products to assist patients to improve…

What Brought Me to Eperture?

By epertureAdmin | July 16, 2015

In 2009, under the advice of Frank McDonald, Jack Riester and I formed Eperture, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CyberMetrix, Inc.   The intension was two-fold: 1) diversity CyberMetrix’ dependency on the automotive industry and 2) provide better solutions to wellness and aging challenges that people were facing.  We developed product concepts and our first prototype by…

How Eperture and RememberStuff™ Can Help?

By epertureAdmin | July 13, 2015

A recent NPR story ( pointed out caring for someone with dementia can be extremely burdensome on the caregiver. The story reviewed studies that are being to determine if technology can benefit both the caregiver and patient. Caring for someone with dementia can be a fulltime job for the caregiver. The American Alzheimer’s Association states…

Introducing Eperture’s Line of Products

By epertureAdmin | July 10, 2015

  Eperture has created a line of products to help users do one thing, remember important information and details specific to the individual. Our line of products has been created out of the experience of caring for loved ones with dementia and memory loss. These products were born out of caring for a mother that…


Eperture will create and implement a pilot, conduct market analysis, identify its support and validate the proof of concept by establishing and analyzing its database.

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