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Caring for an aging loved one can be difficult. Decisions about keeping them in their home, moving them in with family, or placing them into long-term care is certainly not an easy choice and there is much to consider. How will they stay on their daily routine? How will they keep their mind engaged in interesting and purpose centered activities? How will they communicate face to face with loved ones? How can all of this be done safely during a Pandemic, or what comes next? Facilities and family members understand that they need to come up with alternate solutions, but they are not sure what that looks like.

RememberStuff® has solutions to these issues, and so much more. RememberStuff® helps to eliminate the need for these concerns. We have developed software on a touchscreen computer that is amazingly easy for an aging person to use without tremendous assistance from family or facility staff. This idea was born out of necessity. Our CEO had aging family members and struggled to find ways to help them without always being right beside them. Hence, RememberStuff was created. This is a completely closed and private system. No need to worry about virus, ads or scams targeting the elderly.

We differ from our competition in many ways. It is purpose-centered, and can be specifically tailored to each individual user. Family members and/or facility staff have access to a caregiver portal, keeping up with the user’s daily activity and adding content to the RememberStuff Unit specific to that user. Family members can stay in constant communication with live video calling, anytime, day or night, at the touch of a button. This can also be done with text and video messaging. A Calendar to keep the user on track with their daily events. A Remember section to keep the user’s mind engaged and fresh with lists for their daily routines, Guides on how to perform THEIR specific tasks, A section for their personal memories with their own photos, family members, recipes, etc. The possibilities to make this extremely user specific are endless. There is also an activities section with quizzes, games, music, and spiritual audio files to keep the user mentally active. We also have a content library with content in any category the user has an interest in.

We know that 87% of assisted living, long term healthcare, and elderly independent communities are increasing their technology budgets. The majority of them by 50% or more this year alone. We will be there to meet their needs as we have described. By helping residents live healthier, purpose centered lives, we will help improve their quality of life. By doing so the resident’s family members will be more at ease knowing their loved one is staying mentally and physically active, and being able to have a live video call will be comforting when they are not able to have an in person visit. Facility staff workload will decrease as the resident is now engaged in these activities, helping to retain staff and keeping morale up

Saving money by staff retention and at capacity resident numbers, facilities will increase earnings. By all of these things we have touched on, our business will grow exponentially over the next five years, doubling in value many times during this span by many estimates.

Let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.

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