Eperture has created a line of products to help users do one thing, remember important information and details specific to the individual. Our line of products has been created out of the experience of caring for loved ones with dementia and memory loss. These products were born out of caring for a mother that began to suffer from dementia and began to forget parts of her daily routine, like going to church and missing doctor’s appointments. She would call numerous times a day with the same questions. Our team has worked over several years to develop a solution that would work best for both the user and the caregiver. With RememberStuff™, mom no longer must call multiple times per day trying to remember her routines. She can go to RememberStuff™ and find the information in a couple of easy-to-access steps. She can look at the calendar or she can replay the last message from her daughter that talks about her upcoming visit. Mom loves to cook but keeps misplacing the recipes. RememberStuff™ keeps recipes for the user in one, easy to locate area.

The RememberStuff™ line of secured devices with embedded systems is used to do just that, help remember information and details. The keys to the RememberStuff™ products are easy to remember; easy for communication; easy to operate, and automatically updates. RememberStuff™ keeps everything you need in one place, which helps you remember routines, and important details like doctor’s appointments, friends, events, and times to take medicine. RememberStuff™ not only provides users with easy communication via text or video messaging, but the DocStuff™ devise allows the user to take the product anywhere a cell phone or tablet would go. All products can be easily setup for the user. The RememberStuff Central Unit does need Ethernet Internet access and a power outlet, but comes ready to operate right out of the box. Anywhere you have Ethernet and power, the Central Unit can go. The DocStuff™ device, which is in final stages of development, will make our products totally mobile. The fully integrated system updates in real-time, making it extremely user friendly because all systems are automatically maintained and synched each time the unit is turned on.

The Eperture product line consists of the RememberStuff™ Central Unit, as well as the DocStuff™ portable device.

RememberStuff™ Central Unit– This unit is all you need to keep information at your fingertips and to communicate with friends and family via text and video messaging as well as other activities.




DocStuff™ Portable Unit– This Portable Unit will be for medical use only. It keeps your records, records your visits and allows the doctor to load relevant information about your health and what to do to stay as healthy as possible. Doctor’s appointments and hospital releases can be particularly overwhelming so a video clip is very valuable for the patient and the caregiver.



Our products are in development and we would appreciate any feedback that you might have, please feel free to contact us for more information about the products.

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