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The ability to navigate the care system with accurate and current information is a problem for most patients with complex medical history and their caregivers. The current complex care patient is often told to create their own medical “story” in written form, with conviction that all is accurate and all major points covered, and take it to a clinical visit to relay their history to the provider. The complex treatment plans involved in the care of these patients require the ability to track events, medications, scans (and their results), lab work and multiple appointments. Each of these activities require a mental clarity that is difficult to predict when the patient is not feeling well.


In creating our tools at Eperture, it is our goal to assist the patient and their caregivers to save time, to make caregiving logistically easier, to create a sense of patient safety and to reduce stress to the patient and their caregiver as they deal with the disease and its personal impact to each person involved. DocStuff™ is built on a core technology of data acquisition, individual control (compliance) and trend analysis.

DocStuff™ data tracking will allow the patient to stay on course with accurate information and maintain the highest compliance with treatment plans & goals which will result in reduction of stress as a more effective means than singular, verbal confirmation.

DocStuff™ will provide a valid history of patient services to guide future healthcare decisions and assist the patient and their caregivers to enhance their knowledge of their disease, its impact and allow them to partner with their service providers as they engage in their treatment plans. DocStuff™ includes features for tracking patient progress, such as:

  1. Treatment plan compliance
  2. Notification of future appointments (reminders)
  3. Listing of daily/weekly goals and critical information
  4. Support services to connect/communicate with loved ones
  5. Records for medications used and discontinued (plus known allergies). This will allow current treatment choices to avoid duplication or incorrect care selections based on history.

DocStuff™ will create a “diary” of major clinical data points with detailed information (including lab results) for review to confirm reliability and thus reduce the stress of having to tell that story from memory. DocStuff™ would provide physicians access to patient data and also allow direct interaction between clinician and patient in order to focus on the needed next steps in treatment planning and to answer pertinent questions of the patient and caregiver in real-time as an enhancement to patient support without concern for privacy and compliance of patient data. The DocStuff™ core technology would allow a review of actual test results (which are to be scanned into the DocStuff™ mobile tool) to assure that accurate results are being reported. This will also avoid duplication of services because the physician would have actual test results to review that they can trust as valid and accurate. DocStuff™ has been designed to provide data integration from key external sources and to be in compliance with all terms, conditions and standards for HIPPA regarding privacy on behalf of the patient.

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Eperture will create and implement a pilot, conduct market analysis, identify its support and validate the proof of concept by establishing and analyzing its database.

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